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Wesley College, MelbourneCompare
School Facts
School sector:Non-government
School type:Combined school
Total student:2925 (boy:1662, girl:1263)
Total staff:393
Student attendance:
None-english student:
ICSEA value:
1164, ranks No.123 More ICSEA Ranking...
ICSEA distribution:
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VCE rank:No.83 (2015), No.80 (2014), No.66 (2013), No.63 (2012), No.79 (2011), No.56 (2010), No.74 (2009), No.71 (2008)
Address:577 St Kilda Rd Melbourne Victoria 3004
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School Comment
Established in 1866, Wesley College Melbourne, an open-entry school of the Uniting Church and Victorian Registered School No. 1, is one of the largest independent coeducational schools in Australia. Wesley has 3 metropolitan campuses, Elsternwick, Glen Wav... more
Student Assessment
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Year 5539506507550537207
Year 759258956758360641
Year 963263060462964248
Student assessment is based on he National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy(NAPLAN) results in 2011.
By Student - 08 Jun 2021, Rate: bad
The remote learning is awful and terribly managed, and the rules are just plain ridiculous. Wearing a blazer to and from school is completely unnecessary (but I haven't gotten in trouble for not, so you don't even really have to bother) how the hell does wearing a blazer to and from school do anything, if someone used actual logic they would know the kids wearing blazers where forced to wear them (quite obviously a bad thing). Anyway I always take of my blazer and tie and unbutton my top few buttons. Another uniform complaint (I know, there are a lot of problems with the Wesley uniform) is just how uncomfortable it is, it might just be a private school thing but the uniform is so uncomfortable. There really is no reason to have it, the school barely makes any money from it, the money goes to the company that manufactures the uniform. Oh and the uniform is way to expensive, it's like $40 for a pair of uncomfortable shorts (and I have no problem spending $40 on shorts but I would expect them to be pretty comfortable). As well as the awful uniform, Wesley has some pretty stupid rules about jewellery, why does it matter if you wear dangly earrings, it doesn't hurt anyone, neither does a necklace that isn't just a plain metal chain. The rules on hair pretty dumb too, (unnatural) hair colours don't hurt/distract anyone, neither does having your hair down. I shouldn't have to wait till 18 to express myself, SCHOOLS ARE FOR LEARNING NOT TORTURE. Also the church services are incredibly boring, schools are for learning, not religion. Also in REE (religions class) can we please do more than just Christianity and Judaism, we could very easily do so many more than just 2.
-An annoyed year 7 student
I would say who I am but I don't want to get in trouble for "damaging the schools reputation"
oh well authority doesn't scare me and it's pretty obvious if you actually tried
Also this isn't related to Wesley specifically, but "talking back" to teachers should not be punishable, teachers aren't gods, and if they do something you don't like arguing back (respectfully and calmly) does no harm. I'm not a pathetic little child who'll just agree with everything, I'll stand up for myself.
By Parent - 24 Feb 2021, Rate: excellent
my girls attended Wesley Glen Waverley and had an awesome education - not just about learning traditional academic subjects but also in sport, music, outdoor educ., etc. The world is your oyster at Wesley ;-)
By Student - 12 Aug 2020, Rate: bad
look, there's always going to be the unlucky ones in any school, but please, as a past student to the school, don't let your child suffer in that place.
I migrated to Australia in year 3, and the next year, I joined Wesley College. Though my English was extremely poor at the time, I though everyone here's going to support me through; they didn't. These bystanders watched me as a bully walked into the changeroom with me, then after giving me a heck of a kick to my stomach, left me with the trauma, pain and anxiety even till now. The students did nothing, and my English was not even good enough to explain what happened to the teachers. Worst yet, I was too scared to do so.
Years later, that bully came at me again, but this time I fought back; everyone this time cheered! They hated him just as much as I did, but when the teachers came, they said nothing. This was supposed to be a black and white case of self-defence due to the reasonable belief of injury by him from my traumas. Instead, I got a week of suspension for assault and emotional trauma. He was fine, he even made it on to the magazines; but I was not. I've told them that the whole school who knew him thought my actions were justified, but the school betrayed me and turned a blind eye to this spoiled tyrant, they were blinded by the wealth from his family's pockets, ignored justice and made me the villain!
I was very unlucky, but unlucky does not explain the corruption of Wesley College and the power of the rich. The school is a true education, but this "true" education is only true if you are rich ENOUGH, and is only "true" if you have the means to deal with the devils under this uniting church.
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