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St Columba's College, EssendonCompare
School Facts
School sector:Non-government
School type:Secondary school
Gender:Single Sex-Girl
Total student:998 (boy:0, girl:998)
Total staff:81
Student attendance:
None-english student:
ICSEA value:
1094, ranks No.413 More ICSEA Ranking...
ICSEA distribution:
Bottom quarterMiddle quartersTop quarter
VCE rank:No.113 (2015), No.94 (2014), No.68 (2013), No.88 (2012), No.102 (2011), No.79 (2010), No.69 (2009), No.136 (2008)
Address:2 Leslie Road Essendon VIC 3040
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School Comment
St Columba's College is a 7 to 12 Catholic girls' school enrolling approximately 900 students from parishes surrounding the Essendon area where it is located. It has been educating young women in the tradition of the Sisters of Charity for over 116 years. ... more
Student Assessment
Year 757159356557755677
Year 961065362161060769
Student assessment is based on he National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy(NAPLAN) results in 2011.
By Student - 26 Aug 2021, Rate: excellent
St Columba’s hasn’t taught me a thing the teachers expect you to know how to do something without explaining a thing I’ve learnt more from myself then my teachers I continuous managed to get bad marks in religion even after doing exactly what my teacher has asked me and included a heap of information. The students here are very dodgy I’ve seen one light paper on fire in classrooms others vape in the bathroom all while the teachers do nothing
By Alumnus - 15 Aug 2021, Rate: bad
I am writing this review to inform any parents who may or may not be thinking about enrolling their child at St. Columba’s College. A little while back when I was still attending this school an incident occurred involving one of the male teachers and myself which occurred in a classroom while we were alone. He had asked me if I could stay after class which I obviously agreed to considering he is my teacher. He then proceeded to ask me how I felt about my current grades, more specifically the results I was receiving in his class. I then continued to tell him about how I felt as though I was not doing things to the best of my ability and how I felt he may not have been marking my work the same as everyone else. He then proceeded to ask me how I felt about urine, more specifically urinating on another person. I told him that I thought it was disgusting and that I was uncomfortable with him asking me such a question as I was a minor at the time of this event. He asked me if I was willing to indulge in his fantasies of me urinating on him. I was utterly disgusted and I immediately tried to leave the classroom as I was uncomfortable with how this situation had progressed. As I was trying to leave he grabbed my hand and told me that if I did as he asked I would get a higher grade. Obviously this made me rethink my decision about leaving as I thought about how upset my parents would be if I continued to fail my classes. I asked him what grade he would be willing to give me if I did this. Which he said he would provide me with a grade of 100%. At the time I thought that this deal was pretty good considering that my grades were greatly suffering. I hesitantly accepted his offer. As I did not want my parents to get mad at me for yet another bad grade. I then proceeded to pull up my skirt and take off my underwear, I held out my hand thinking he would give me a cup to urinate in but he got down on his knees and opened his mouth waiting for me to urinate on him. It took me a while to fully finish urinating in his mouth but because I couldn’t sit I ended up accidentally getting some of my urine in the floor. This teacher then proceeded to get on all fours and lick up the droplets that had fallen onto the floor. After this I fixed up my uniform and went off to lunch. When I went home later that day I thought about telling my mother but I decided against it as I did not want to get anyone else involved.
This incident continued to happen numerous amount of times up until I got my grade back for the first time after this became a usual occurrence. I was upset to see that my grade had not changed whatsoever and it was still quite low. The next day I confronted the teacher about this and to which he responded that he had no intent to improve my mark, I felt betrayed and disgusted with myself for allowing this to continue on for so long and then proceeding to get no benefit from it. I stopped going to see this teacher after class and eventually moved schools, with the excuse being something I had made up. I had not shared this story with anyone up until now as I figured that I had no idea how many other girls he had been doing this with. I wanted to spread awareness to others so that they could hopefully avoid this situation.
By Employee - 15 Aug 2021, Rate: excellent
This school is amazing for people who enjoy peeing on other. Has many teachers such as Mr. Avery and Mr. Bramham who love being excreted on! Working here has been able to give me lots of experience, joy, and a stable income. I much well reccomend for those who are new and looking for a job with flexible hours and a living wage.
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